Doing it right the first time


Some security companies hire inexperienced workers and fail to give them proper training. This results in sloppy jobs that require repeat visits just to get your system running. Techtronix is staffed only by highly experienced experts in the field who have installed hundreds of cameras, speakers, and thousands of feet of cables. When we do an installation you know that it’s going to function perfectly right from the start.



Techtronix has been in business in Fresno for over 16 years, providing state of the art sound and security systems for everyone from small businesses, to buses, to residences and more. We are committed to serving the Central Valley and helping our neighbors to receive the best service possible when getting their systems installed. Having technicians you can trust is something we’re extremely proud of.

We’re dedicated to providing customized service and individualized attention for each and every one of our clients. Everyone has different needs that have to be arranged in a different space. That’s why we provide detailed quotes and explanations into the technology and arrangement you will need. Our experts can find the perfect solution no matter what your needs are. It’s what makes Techtronix the best.